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AWS: Creating a subdomain forward to Amazon WorkMail

This entry is very similar to my previous article on how to create a subdomain forward using S3. All I want to do is create an Amazon Workmail account, get the generic URL Amazon offers, and add a custom domain. For example, I want to type this into my address

AWS: How to get one lambda to trigger another lambda

This lambda will trigger the second lambda. Step 1 - Configure IAM First create an IAM role that will allow you to not only trigger a lambda but also allow one lambda to trigger another lambda. My role will be named role-lambda-basic-execution. Step 2 - Create Lambda Function #1 This

AWS: How to restore folders from Glacier to S3 Standard

If you store files using Amazon Glacier, you'll notice that it's not very easy to restore files within a folder using the web console. Instead, you'll see "Initiate Restore" greyed out. I've found the easiest way to restore a directory full of files is through the AWS Command Line. If

What is Big Data?

A few basic questions and answers on big data from a software engineer and product manager.