If you store files using Amazon Glacier, you'll notice that it's not very easy to restore files within a folder using the web console. Instead, you'll see "Initiate Restore" greyed out.

I've found the easiest way to restore a directory full of files is through the AWS Command Line. If you don't have the AWS Cli installed, read this article first.

Getting Started

First install this 3rd party command-line tool for AWS.

brew install s3cmd
Install 3rd party s3cmd using Homebrew

Configure s3cmd

This is the part where you will add your ```Access Key ID``` and ```Secret Access Key``` you create within AWS IAM console.

s3cmd --configure

One One Command

s3cmd restore --restore-days=<number> --recursive s3://mybucketname/folder/
Restore files withing AWS Glacier to S3 standard using the command line terminal.