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Messing around with ES6, Promises and Geo

I'm working on a project that requires me to capture latitude, longitude, an array of zip codes, and country information using a single IP address.  It thought it might be helpful to share an example of how to do that using ES6. I've written the examples using Class methods and

Troubleshooting Node

It doesn't happen often but sometimes your web server will start acting up and you need to solve it using the command line. Here are some common errors I see while using Node or NPM. Common Error #1 The error looks like this. Error: bind EADDRINUSE null: Method 1 If

Radio: Preparing WAV files for cloud-based radio

For the past few months, my team at USC Radio Labs has been working to solve a pretty interesting problem; how to convert 60k+ audio files from WAV format to something more internet-ready. To provide context, in the 1990s, many radio stations started moving towards automating their music programming. The