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Troubleshooting Node

It doesn't happen often but sometimes your web server will start acting up and you need to solve it using the command line. Here are some common errors I see while using Node or NPM. Common Error #1 The error looks like this. Error: bind EADDRINUSE null: Method 1 If

Radio: Preparing WAV files for cloud-based radio

For the past few months, my team at USC Radio Labs has been working to solve a pretty interesting problem; how to convert 60k+ audio files from WAV format to something more internet-ready. To provide context, in the 1990s, many radio stations started moving towards automating their music programming. The

How to install Node on Mac using NVM and Homebrew

Node Version Manager makes it easy to install multiple versions of Node on a Mac. You install NVM using Homebrew, and if you don't have Homebrew installed yet, read this article. Step 1: Install NVM Install node version manager. brew install nvm Step 2: Create a directory for NVM mkdir

Using an ORM with NodeJS

I've written a lot about building REST API's and a few of my favorite include Rails-only API, ExpressJS, Amazon Lambda, and SailsJS. This article is going to focus on something slightly different –but still interconnected, Object Relational Models. Although it's good practice to learn how to write SQL statements, at

NodeJS: How to fix localhost Error: listen EADDRINUSE

If you're using NodeJS, sometimes you'll get an error like this: Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::5000 at Object.exports._errnoException at exports._exceptionWithHostPort at Server.setupListenHandle [as _listen2] at listenInCluster at Server.listen at What this error means is that you're trying to bind the app but the

Create fake test data using Node

I'm working on a tool that enables marketers to upload a CSV file full of mobile numbers and send auto generated survey's through Twilio. Before I begun working on an CSV file uploader, here is a small script that auto generates test data. I'm using Jake to run NodeJS scripts,
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