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NodeJS, ExpressJS, Ghost, NPM, Grunt, Gulp

Using an ORM with NodeJS

I've written a lot about building REST API's and a few of my favorite include Rails-only API, ExpressJS, Amazon Lambda, and SailsJS. This article is going to focus...

How to install SailsJS

Dev Environment Install SailsJS npm install sailsjs Install Chrome Postman Content-Type application/json Quickly get started Create a new sails app. sails name_of_app Create new sails...

NodeJS + Forever Scripts

Install Forever package Download and install forever package/ npm install --save forever Create two files Create a start file. nano /app_dir/ Create a stop file....

Simple NodeJS Server

This is the simplest NodeJS server you can create. var port = 8080; var server = "localhost" var http = require('http').createServer( onServerCreatedHandler ); http.listen( port, server ); function...

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