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Typescript Bundle for Textmate

Here's my attempt to offer code highlighting to Textmate users working with Typescript. I'm positive there is a better way to do this so please consider this blog entry my offer to the universe with a hope that someone will provide an better Typescript bundle. In my specific sitation, I

Angular: Working with Google Material Design

Here's how to install Angular Material into your Angular app. Step 0 - Install Angular Install Angular Step 1 - Create an App Create a new Angular app, change directory, and start the server in a single command. ng new myapp && cd myapp && ng serve Step

Troubleshooting Angular

Angular development moves so quickly that there's a really good chance you'll have to troubleshoot your installation. Below are a few common problems I run into all the time. ng build errors I received this somewhat cryptic message while trying to run ng build. You have to be inside an

AngularFire: Getting started with Angular and Firebase

Firebase provides a hosting service for Angular developers at nearly zero cost. The service provides three types of hosting: NoSQL database, server-side code and Angular hosting. This entry will help you get started using Firebase. I should start by saying that the Angular team has documentation on Github but I

Using Dotenv with Angular

While developing an Angular app with Angular CLI, it's not very easy to integrate the dotenv package. After a few hours of research, I found a process that works well enough.

My Favorite Visual Studio Code Plugins

I started using Textmate in 2004 because it was Rails friendly. Lately I've been using Visual Studio Code because it's Typescript and Angular friendly. Below are a few of my favorite 3rd party add-ons. Themes You can find themes within the VS Code Marketplace One Dark Pro is easy on

Anatomy of an Angular 2 App

Angular 2 is out and I'm currently working on a single web app hosted on Firebase. This will be a simple landing page website and if you come from Ruby on Rails or Express JS, you're probably familiar with command-line generators. Angular also welcomes command line generators to help you