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Radio: Preparing WAV files for cloud-based radio

For the past few months, my team at USC Radio Labs has been working to solve a pretty interesting problem; how to convert 60k+ audio files from WAV format to something more internet-ready. To provide context, in the 1990s, many radio stations started moving towards automating their music programming. The

Ways to scrape data

There are many situations where you may need to scrape data. Data scraping development is really an art form (of its own) and the complexity of a project can range from a giant aggregator —written to capture, parse and store data— to something really small like a single function connected

GIF encoder / decoder

This article from Dennis Felsing captured my attention i seconds. "Can you really embed a GIF with code? Can you do it in a way that connects to a central server?" If yes, then tracking pixels here we come! Can this be used to create a tracking pixel

How to create a temporary email address

I'm working on an app that aims to use Amazon Cognito for user registration and one of the things I need to test is e-mail signup. Instead of adding and deleting my personal e-mail every 5 minutes to test, I first pick a temporary e-mail service.

Where to find free fonts

Let's be real, Google Fonts is amazing but they're not the end-all be-all. When you're looking for more, try these services below. Free Google Fonts is an industry workhorse. If you're looking for web-ready fonts, this is probably your best resource. Adobe Typekit is pretty good. If you already subscribe

My Favorite Visual Studio Code Plugins

I started using Textmate in 2004 because it was Rails friendly. Lately I've been using Visual Studio Code because it's Typescript and Angular friendly. Below are a few of my favorite 3rd party add-ons. Themes You can find themes within the VS Code Marketplace One Dark Pro is easy on

Shell variables vs. Environment variables

I've been doing a lot of work within the AWS Command Line and it's been forcing me to make the best use of environment and shell variables. Below are really simple examples of how to store both types. Environment Variables Environmental variables are system variables that cannot be changed by

Awesome OS X Command Lines

Thank you @herrbischoff for creating this A curated list of shell commands and tools specific to OS X and functions. Here area a couple of my favorite commands: Safari Enable Develop Menu and Web Inspector. This is great because it's always a pain to figure out where to turn things