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Load Testing Deep Dive

How engineers can stress test apps, new features, or experiments prior to production launch.

Bypass Paywalls

Tools to help customers and developers bypass paywalls.

What is Big Data?

A few basic questions and answers on big data from a software engineer and product manager.

Should I Do This?

I was watching a video from Dan Applebaum and his response to the question "Should I do this?" caught my attention. The interesting part is how he explains that although the question seems like a reasonable one to ask ourselves, it actually reveals little flaw in our human

AWS Elemental

Amazon acquired a company called Elemental back in 2015 and has now released a suite of products to help broadcasters (big and small) distribute and syndicate video online. Think of Elemental as Amazon's in-house solution to Adobe's defunct Flash Media Server and Wowza's cloud-based solutions. The idea is simple yet