If you area a software developer looking for your next gig, here area few sources for inspiration. I've organized this list into two main categories: paid and unpaid. The thinking behind this is that some developers would prefer to get paid while they learn about a particular technology or industry, others just want to find something cool to work on.


  • Demand Rush reminds me of a "reverse Patreon" where instead of you giving money towards a particular project, someone pays you a monthly subscription to complete their project.
  • Free Software Jobs is a job board where all jobs must relate to free software positions. In other words, if you are already doing some open source work, this might be a way to supplement your efforts.
  • Old Geek Jobs is designed for employers to know beforehand which applicants (35+) will apply, which makes those applicants feel comfortable applying.
  • Finding something to sell on Alibaba
  • Your best passive income has a ton of neat ideas.
  • Indie Hackers has this awesome graph that shows you how much companies are making.


I'll keep adding to this list as time continues. If you have any suggestions, please add them below.