Getting Started

Theme development requires two steps:

  1. Install Ghost Blog on your local computer.
  2. Configure your developer environment.

Step 0 - Install Node Version Manager

Read this article on how to install multiple versions of node using Node Version Manager.

Step 1 - Install Node

Ghost currently works with node v12.10.0.

nvm install 12.10.0

Set the node version to be the default.

nvm alias default use 12.10.0

Step 2 - Install Ghost + Cli

Install Ghost framework globally (-g).

npm install ghost-cli@latest -g

Install Ghost on your local machine.

ghost install local

Step 3 - Start Ghost

ghost start

Traditionally, Ghost wants you to work on the theme within Ghost/content/themes but your GIT repo may live somewhere else. So the solution is to create a SymLink.

Change directory into the /themes folder of your Ghost installation.

cd /path/to/ghost/content/themes

Create a SymLink

ln -s /path/to/git/repo/website/development/my_folder

Start Development

cd /path/to/git/repo/website/development/my_folder

Dev will run a gulp command. Gulp uses an NPM tool called BrowserSync to construct a wrapper around Ghost. This allows you to make changes to a file within the theme, and the Ghost website will update automatically.

npm dev