Radio: Fetching album artwork using beets

You will need the requests library to capture album artwork from Fetch Art.

pip install requests
Install requests library for Python.

We need imagemagick to do some image processing. I use Homebrew package manager to install imagemagick.  Here's how to install Homebrew on OSX

brew install imagemagick
Install imagemagick do conduct some image processing.
    auto: yes
    maxwidth: 300
    minwidth: 0
    - filesystem
    - coverart
    - itunes
    - amazon
    - albumart
    google_engine: 001442825323518660753:hrh5ch1gjzm
    enforce_ratio: no
    cautious: no
    store_source: no
    google_key: REDACTED
    fanarttv_key: REDACTED
    - cover
    - front
    - art
    - album
    - folder
FetchArt Configuration


  • Embed album art images into files' metadata using EmbedArt.