You will need the requests library to capture album artwork from Fetch Art.

pip install requests
Install requests library for Python.

We need imagemagick to do some image processing. I use Homebrew package manager to install imagemagick.  Here's how to install Homebrew on OSX

brew install imagemagick
Install imagemagick do conduct some image processing.
    auto: yes
    maxwidth: 300
    minwidth: 0
    - filesystem
    - coverart
    - itunes
    - amazon
    - albumart
    google_engine: 001442825323518660753:hrh5ch1gjzm
    enforce_ratio: no
    cautious: no
    store_source: no
    google_key: REDACTED
    fanarttv_key: REDACTED
    - cover
    - front
    - art
    - album
    - folder
FetchArt Configuration


  • Embed album art images into files' metadata using EmbedArt.