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Ideas, finding, thoughts and discussion around how to use technology to make a resourceful, positive impact on community.


I love this quote. It really helps frame why AWS, Heroku, Openshift and Microsoft Azure are so successful. > Invention requires two things: 1. The ability to try...

Interesting Music Projects

Here are a list of interesting music projects. Classifiers and Curators * Music Map [] is attempting to create a database that organizes music into emotional...


I've been learning about investment strategies lately and I've found these resources to be the most valuable ones for me. Personal Investment Strategy At...

Interaction Design

I really appreciate this definition of interaction design. As a producer, it gets me to think about creating an selling an experience as a product or service. >...


> Tinkering is what happens when you try something you don't quite know how to do, guided by whim, imagination, and curiosity. When you tinker, there...

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