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The Malcolm Gladwell myth

This story below is interesting because it makes you wonder if you really need 10,000 hours to get great at something or you if just need to be obsessive about a subject. Yes, this story is anecdotal but it's still worth considering. Here's a good quote from this article.

Sources of inspiration for developers

If you area a software developer looking for your next gig, here area few sources for inspiration. I've organized this list into two main categories: paid and unpaid. The thinking behind this is that some developers would prefer to get paid while they learn about a particular technology or industry,

Where to find free fonts

Let's be real, Google Fonts is amazing but they're not the end-all be-all. When you're looking for more, try these services below. Free Google Fonts is an industry workhorse. If you're looking for web-ready fonts, this is probably your best resource. Adobe Typekit is pretty good. If you already subscribe

Case Study: Moodles

Moodles, a first-of-its-kind musical instrument app for kids to compose music without the banality of classes. Built using Swift, AudioKit, and Firebase.

What is ISRC?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code is pretty much like the audio equivalent of a GS1 US for barcodes and product identification. According to GS1 US: GS1 standards allow you to easily identify, manage, and share product data with your trading partners, supply chains, and customers to streamline operations,

Easiest way to install Chrome on Windows

I generally dread any time I have to create a new instance of Windows and Internet Explorer. Why? Because it's just not easy. For example, here is what you see the first time you start IE. Problem Screen 1 IE asks you to configure your security settings. Screen 2 IE

How to Use Scrum with a Decentralized Team

Iā€Œ started my journey into decentralized management in 2011, and I currently work with 15 people ranging from writers, designers, and developers. In the beginning, the challenge was recruiting talent worldwide, but lately, the obstacles revolve around management. Here are a few key things I've learned along the way. Scrum

Thoughts on 10 years of wireframing

In 10 years I've published over 20+ apps and one process I'm always looking to improve is wireframing. Some people believe that you need to use Flinto, Origami or some other market solution but I often find that it's overkill and all you really need is a sheet of paper

Creating a Privacy Policy document for your app

If you plan to publish an app to the iTunes store, there's a really good chance you will need to draft and publish a Privacy Policy. Here are a few templates I've used in the past. Personally, I prefer RocketLawyer's process the most but Upcounsel is worth reviewing. Rocket Lawyer

Learning about Decision Trees

Below are a few notes on decision trees. I still have a lot to learn but this will become my working document. The aim with any decision tree is to create a workable model that will predict the value of a target variable based on the set of input variables.