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Awesome radio stations for software engineers

As a software engineer, I spend a lot of time discovering new tools to help me become more productive. One of the most valuable –yet not often mentioned– is music. Since I work in radio, I spend even more time thinking about music curation than the average person and yes,

Types of Digital Radio Apps

I've been working in radio for 7 years and over that time people, have asked me how many types of radio apps I can actually make. I tell that that I'm not making the same app over and over again. There are, in fact, many different types of radio apps.

What is ISRC?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code is pretty much like the audio equivalent of a GS1 US for barcodes and product identification. According to GS1 US: GS1 standards allow you to easily identify, manage, and share product data with your trading partners, supply chains, and customers to streamline operations,

Music apps for iPhone / iPad Musicians

My 2015 New Years resolution was to create one song a week using only an iPad. As a producer, I was curious to learn what challenges iPad musicians faced including songwriting, performing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. 52 weeks, 52 songs later, I learned that the biggest challenge was figuring

MIDI: Curated list of MIDI frameworks for iOS development

I wanted to share a few nuts and bolts of MIDI for iOS development. Specifically, the best frameworks out there, a process for exploring MIDI, etc. MIDI Frameworks AudioKit is by far the best for Swift developers. Csound is a music computing system and has infinite potential. MIKMIDI is great

Interesting Music Projects

Here are a list of interesting music projects. Classifiers and Curators Music Map is attempting to create a database that organizes music into emotional categories. Geocaching Track Dropper is a geo caching game that is really novel. Social Listening &chill is an interesting idea. Blockchain A lot of companies