As a software engineer, I spend a lot of time discovering new tools to help me become more productive. One of the most valuable –yet not often mentioned– is music. Since I work in radio, I spend even more time thinking about music curation than the average person and yes, I don't like always having to search and browse for stuff on Spotify.

Below are a few of my favorite radio stations that are great for coding.

Curated Internet Radio

This is probably the closest thing to broadcast radio online. You don't get to pick the songs but you can always guarantee that it won't break your flow. If there are commercials, they're negligible.

Crowdsourced Radio

Crowdsourcing your music is somewhat dangerous but it's a great place to try new things.

Algorithmic Radio

Let's use short feedback loops and datascience to provide machine-driven serendipity.

Semi-Curated Radio

I call it semi-curated because the songs appear to be hand-picked but then thrown into a bucket. It lacks a sense of sequence (or even juxtaposition) but it's good background filler.