It's nearly impossible to make a music app without the help of a few music API's. Whether you intend to create a Shazam clone, a Soundcloud clone, a Kobalt clone, some sort of studio-in-a-box app, music quiz, DJ app, instrument app, radio app, social network mashup, etc. these API's can help you make something great.

Music apps come and go but the API's below are standing strong. I suggest reviewing these sources before wasting to much time on Programmable Web.

If there are any API's you think are worth sharing, please submit a comment below.


Metadata can mean a lot of things including information on artist or track data as well as album data. Metadata can also mean music tags (for recommendation engines) or the copyright on album artwork.

Live Concerts


Music Identification (tagging)

Album Art

Album artwork is tricky because as a developer, you will not own the license to the artwork. Before diving into these next API's, I suggest you read these Quora responses to get your feet wet. Remember, if you don't already own the copyright or have a license, save yourself time, money and headache through a little bit of research.

  • Music Brainz
  • Rovi
  • Cover Art - Cover Art Archive is a joint project between the Internet Archive and MusicBrainz, whose goal is to make cover art images available to everyone on the Internet in an organised and convenient way.
  • Free Covers
  • Apple iTunes
  • Fancy Audio is a ruby gem that can help you insert your own custom album artwork to an mp3.

I'd also look at Quora and this other Q&A site to find new updates.

Affiliate Marketing



Almost all music is heard on the radio and oftentimes, we're driving around like this:

Since the music industry is synonymous with radio and the radio industry is synonymous with cars, then us music people would do good by keeping a close eye on how technology is changing cars. So far, the biggest changes will likely happen in telematics which includes maps, geo, and GIS.

Radio Platforms

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