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Swift: Do Try Catch

I've discovered that there are really two ways to accomplish a Try/Catch strategy in Swift. The first example is technically correct but the "shorthand" example gives you the same end result. Longhand let obj = PFObject(className: "TestObject") obj.setObject("bar", forKey: "foo&

Tools for App Makers

In order to build websites, apps or API's, every developer ultimately ends up curating a suite of tools that can help them build products better, cheaper and faster. Below are a few tools that I use all the time. API Development Postman - Google Chrome plug-in that helps you craft

Carthage Cheat Sheet

Carthage is fantastic for package management, and 90% of the time, I only need to execute carthage update but once in a while, I need to do something more specific, so here are all those commands I can never seem to remember. Configuring XCode Go to Build Phases. Click the

Swift: Load a Wav sound using AVFoundation

I sometimes need to dynamically load a .wav file.  Here's how I do it using AVFoundation. func changeSound(_ song:(path: String, format: String)){ var err:NSError? let track = Bundle.main.path(forResource: song.path, ofType: song.format)! let u = URL(fileURLWithPath: track) do { audioPlayer = try AVAudioPlayer(contentsOf: u) } catch let

Swift: Get Random Boolean

This function will help you get a random true or false boolean value. func randomBool() -> Bool { return arc4random_uniform(2) == 0 ? true : false }

MIDI: Curated list of MIDI frameworks for iOS development

I wanted to share a few nuts and bolts of MIDI for iOS development. Specifically, the best frameworks out there, a process for exploring MIDI, etc. MIDI Frameworks AudioKit is by far the best for Swift developers. Csound is a music computing system and has infinite potential. MIKMIDI is great

Curated list of audio frameworks and libraries for iPhone and OS X

A curated list of awesome audio frameworks, libraries, and software for iOS, Mac OSX and tvOS. Audio Production AudioKit for iOS and OS X is an audio SDK that helps you with audio and synthesis. AudioKit examples contains a suite of free open source apps Analog Synth X is an