I first started writing HTML + Javascript when I was 17 years old. No one told me that I should be a coder nor did anyone bother to tell me that you could earn money doing it. Like many skills I've collected over my life, music is what helped me discover the art of website making. My first band website led me to my second band website. Suddenly, I was making band websites for my friends everything else just happened.

My coding timeline

My software timeline

Hello Swift

I love Swift, there's something about the language that makes it fun to write. Aside from the fact that it's a multi-paradigm language –meaning I can write in a variety of styles such as Imperative, Functional Declarative, and Object Oriented– it also introduces Protocol Oriented Programming which feels a lot like Java's interfaces. In fact, the only thing that's worrisome about Swift is that I must stay remain extra disciplined and not get carried away with its flexibility.

Staying clear and purposeful

So far, I've only found one tool that can help my team and I preserve clarity of intent while writing code.

  1. Follow the New York Times Style Guide for Objective-C as much as possible.

Yes, I know, Swift is different from Objective-C but I really feel that the NYT has done a great job going beyond the language itself in creating rules that can be applied for any language. For example, Conditionals MUST use braces.