Whenever I am consulting, one of the first things I do is start collecting information from staff and writing it down. Sometimes I'll share that information via a company-sponsored intranet. Other times, I'll create a Notion account. In specific dire scenarios, I'll create Microsoft Word docs and place them in a shared Dropbox. I don't care which tool to use; what matters most is that I do not remain the only person with critical information.

When I try to suggest this type of knowledge sharing hygiene to other staff, I usually get resistance from someone who explains it takes too long to write something down. I usually overcome those objections, but I've reached a better solution after years of doing this.

The diagram below is an infographic I've made for teams I've either led or supported. I ask people to print it out and look at it every time they complete a big project or solve a problem. I've had some outstanding success with it, and I hope you will too.

Feedback welcomed.