This is the first of many blog posts regarding web ad tracking and practical strategies to preserve your privacy. This article will attempt to stay neutral —and not get caught in the politics of advertising or privacy overall. At least for this beginning. That may change, but I want to share exciting resource findings and research with the community for now.

As you know, I cannot do this alone, so please share your feedback in the comments.

Oracle Opt-Out

Internet Archive Link

Oracle provides consumers with multiple ways to opt-out of Oracle’s use of your information for interest-based advertising.

I suspect these pages are going to evolve too quickly, so here is a snapshot in time.

Nielsen Opt-Out

Network Advertising Initiative (#NAI) offers a cookie opt-out tool to choose how other organs collect and use your data. In case you have more questions about privacy?

Internet Archive Link

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)

I allowed the website to scan my browser, and they detected 76 cookies from companies that have agreed to participate. Here is the list.