I watched The Stuntman on Disney+ about Eddie Braun, a legendary Hollywood stuntman from LA's South Bay who prepares to enter retirement by attempting to completing one of Evil Knievel's most famous failed stunts.

Midway through the documentary, Eddie starts talking about the challenges of being a stuntman and the importance of SWAG in their discipline.

SWAG stands for:

SWAG is the sum of experience that enables a person to take something you know and plop it into something unknown.

As a Digital Product Manager, most of the new features and plans I draft are for new platforms that still don't yet exist. For example, Virtual Reality within a browser via Web VR, Digital Collectibles (NFTs), Smart Contract Platforms (Solana), Decentralized Cloud Computing (Dfinity), Decentralized Gaming Networks (Flow) are all examples of technologies that require a PM to carry SWAG. None of these inventions and innovations have been tested by the market, industry, or even the legal system, yet to create value for the world, we must do our best to make intelligent guesses.