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AWS: Useful AWS Bucket Policies

I plan to add more of these over time but for starters, here are a few helpful bucket policies I use while hosting static websites on AWS S3. ACCESS Public Access If you're building an Angular app or a single landing page, this is pretty much all you need. { "

Server-side Encryption in AWS

While learning AWS S3 encryption, I found most of the information online to either be technically dense or unnecessarily difficult to understand. Below are my plain English explanations. NOTE: I found this article and it does a much better job providing a comprehensive overview. I suggest reading this article Server

Radio: Prepare your podcast for iTunes distribution using AWS Elastic Transcoder

Amazon Web Services offers a suite of tools for podcast producers to distribute their audio online. There's CloudFront for caching, S3 for storage, Glacier for long-term storage, Elemental for real-time distributing, Tailor for server-side ad insertion. I thought it would be to fun to show how to use Elastic Transcoder

AWS: Using the command line to get an EC2 instance ID

Here are three ways to get the instance ID of an EC2 server using the command line. Built-in If you are logged into an Ubuntu machine. ec2metadata --instance-id Curl curl command using an IP address. curl curl command simplified. curl http://instance-data/

AWS: Connect to Lightsail using SFTP and Panic Transmit

Amazon offers a newer, simpler alternative to EC2 instances called Lightsail. Lightsail is very easy to use and excellent for any small business interested in creating a simple app. I was recently asked to create a Wordpress website using Lightsail and it took less than 10 minutes. In fact, the