This entry is very similar to my previous article on how to create a subdomain forward using S3. All I want to do is create an Amazon Workmail account, get the generic URL Amazon offers, and add a custom domain.

For example, I want to type this into my address bar =>

Step 1 - Activate WorkMail

Visit Amazon Workmail to create an account.




Step 2 - Configure WorkMail

To start sending emails from a specific domain, you'll first need to configure WorkMail.



Step 2 - Create a bucket

The purpose of a bucket is to host an inexpensive web server that will serve as your redirect. If you use GoDaddy for domain ownership, they offer a feature called domain forwarding, but since we're using Route53, we have to create an S3 bucket.

Step 3 - Modify bucket properties

From within the S3 bucket properties, you will want to turn on Static Website Hosting.


Step 4 - Paste this XML

Take note that the XML file contains the path to the email account you created in step 1.


Step 5 - Connect domain to S3 bucket through CNAME

Using Amazon Route53, you can create a CNAME record that will point to your S3 bucket (using an Alias).

Take note, do not use the "Alias" feature when adding a CNAME and make sure to use the http:// endpoint from Step 3 as the value.