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R: How to Configure TextMate for R

If you are using TextMate and you want to run an R script using cmd + R, you will first need to configure the editor. Here's how: Step 1 - Install R Bundles Go to Preferences > Bundles and select: "R", "R Console (" and "

R: Create Interactive Charts using R and Shiny

Shiny is a package within R that helps data scientists and developers create interactive web applications. Are you a data scientist who knows R but can't figure out how React, Angular, or Vue JS? Then this is the framework for you. How does Shiny Work? Shiny borrows from the reactive

R: Using ggplot2

What is ggplot2 and why is it the best open source graphical library for R.

R: Using R to process Google Analytics

Setting Up Your Environment Before you can start using R, you'll need to install it. Here's how to install R on a Mac using Homebrew Dataframes What makes R really powerful is this concept of Dataframes. Dataframes the objects used to represent tables including observations and variables (aka rows and

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Computer science is all about answering the question, "How can we tell a computer what to do and what to solve while recognizing that some problems are inherently stubborn"? Statistics is all about answering the question, "How can we use historical data to predict the future? What

Open Datasets

As a market researcher, app producer and software entrepreneur, I use a lot of different data sets for either research or tell stories. Here are a few great repositories I use regularly: Market Research Consumer Complaints Database describes consumer complaints about financial products and services. Product Safety Recall Franchise Failures