As a market researcher, app producer and software entrepreneur, I use a lot of different data sets for either research or tell stories. Here are a few great repositories I use regularly:


Market Research

Countries / Continents

United States

United Kingdom

  • is the UK government’s open data portal including the British National Bibliography—metadata on all UK books and publications since 1950.
  • NHS Digital (formerly Health and Social Care Information Centre) contains datasets from the UK National Health Service.



  • Socrata works with governments to provide open data to the public,
  • Dataportals datasets from all around the world collected in one place.
  • World Factbook information prepared by the CIA about all the countries of the world.
  • Unicef Data contains statistics about the situation of children and women around the world.
  • World Health organization contains statistics concerning nutrition, disease and health.
  • Amazon Web Services is a large repository of datasets including the human genome project, NASA’s database and an index of 5 billion web pages.

Data sources for civic engagement

  1. City data has collected and analyzed data from numerous sources to create as complete and interesting profiles of all U.S. cities as we could.
  2. Envirofacts Envirofacts provides a single point of access to U.S. EPA environmental data contained in U.S. EPA databases. Interested parties from State and local governments, EPA or other Federal agencies, or individuals can search for information about environmental activities that may affect air, water, and land anywhere in the United States. Envirofacts makes it easy to find information using an address, ZIP Code, city, county, water body, or other geographic designation. Envirofacts make it easy to find information from all sources or within specific environmental subject areas, such as Waste, Water, Toxics, Air, Radiation, and Land. Experienced users can use more sophisticated capabilities such as maps or customized reporting.
  3. U.S. Census The American Community Survey 5 Year Data covers a broad range of topics about social, economic, demographic, and housing characteristics of the U.S. population.


  1. Dark sky API lets you query for short-term precipitation forecast data at geographical points inside the United States.
  2. Weather API alerts, almanac, astronomy, conditions, currenthurricane, forecast, forecast10day, geolookup, history, hourly, hourly10day, planner, rawtide, satellite,tide,webcams,yesterday.
  3. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration GSOD contains global data obtained from the USAF Climatology Center. The dataset covers GSOD data between 1929 and 2016.


  • Open Images Data contains approximately 9 million URLs and metadata for images that have been annotated with labels spanning more than 6,000 categories.


Here's my curated list of Map API's which also include geo-coding and GIS.


Machine Learning

Even More

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