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Ruby on Rails: Running a scheduler

Heroku offer's a pretty nifty scheduler add-on for running jobs on your app at scheduled time intervals, much like cron in a traditional server environment.... Read More

Rails: Order by DESC

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Ruby: Converting XML to JSON

Today I was asked to convert an XML file full of e-mail addresses into JSON. The first file is titled email_builder.rb. The second... Read More

Rails: Database Relationships

When dealing with relational databases –such as Postgresql, MySQL or AWS RDS– it helps to understand how tables interact with one another. This cheatsheet is... Read More

Heroku: Upgrading your database

Here's a process I've found for upgrading your database on Heroku. There are many more commands and I highly suggest reviewing the Heroku Documentation. First,... Read More

Ruby: Loops

There are a lot of different ways to complete a loop. Here's a list of the most popular ones. Loop Loop in increments of 2... Read More