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Heroku: Upgrading your database

Here's a process I've found for upgrading your database on Heroku. There are many more commands and I highly suggest reviewing the Heroku Documentation. First, check the status of your databse. heroku pg:info Set your app to maintenance mode. heroku maintenance:on Create a backup of your current database.

Heroku: Dynamically capture your Dyno URL

Today I needed my Rails app to look at it's own production URL and capture the HOST information. After spending an hour looking for an answer, I found this very elegant answer. heroku config:set HEROKU_URL=$(heroku info -s | grep web_url | cut -d= -f2) Source Now from within

Rails: Populating Your Database using Seeds.rb

When I'm building a new app, I prefer to populate my site with fake data so that I can see how the app actually starts responding to queries. There are a few examples of how I populate my rails app with development data. LOREM IPSUM The Easy Way Step 1

Ruby: Loops

There are a lot of different ways to complete a loop. Here's a list of the most popular ones. Loop Loop in increments of 2 until x reaches 20. x = 0 loop do x += 2 break if x >= 20 puts x end Loop through in increments of 2 until

Heroku: How to Publish an Existing Rails App

With Rails 5, the deployment process to Heroku has gotten even easier. Here are the steps to publishing a new Heroku app without using a one-click install. STEP 1 - Create Rails App Make sure you have a Rails 5 app that uses a postgresql database. rails _5.0.0_

Rails: Grab a Tweet and save it to JSON or YAML

I'm currently working on a sentiment analysis problem that requires me to collect big data from Twitter and process it for later. As a first step, I thought it would be helpful to simply grab a single Tweet and study its structure. Here is a very simple way to get

Tools for App Makers

In order to build websites, apps or API's, every developer ultimately ends up curating a suite of tools that can help them build products better, cheaper and faster. Below are a few tools that I use all the time. API Development Postman - Google Chrome plug-in that helps you craft

Rails: link_to cheatsheet

Rails really pushes you to remember a lot of stuff. For example, something as simple as link_to can be really hard to keep track of because there are nearly a dozen ways to modify it. Here are a few different ways to use link_to within a view. Note:

Rails: Managing Migrations

Migration is a tool for managing databases within Ruby on Rails. The tool itself only offers a few features but people use it in a variety of different ways including: Creating new tables. Adding columns to an existing table. Dropping a specific table. Adding data to a table. Changing the
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