Suppose you have a dozen or so *.rar files that you would like to unzip at the same time. But for each file, you want to create a folder with the same name and extract the files into that specific folder. Here are the short-hand and long-hand versions.

Getting Started

Firstly, I use Homebrew as my package manager to to install [unrar]( After installing Homebrew, you will then type.

brew install unrar && brew doctor


Change directory into the folder that has all of the ```.rar```files.

cd /path/to/folder/with/multiple/rar/files

Paste this script line-by-line.

# Start a loop that will iterate through each RAR file
for z in *.rar
# Start block
# Get the name of the RAR file by stripping out the .rar extension
# Create a new directory with the name of the directory
mkdir ./"$name_of_dir"
# Extract the content into the newly created directory
unrar e "$z" "$name_of_dir"

Single Line

Below is the one-line code.

for z in *.rar ; do dir="${z%%'.rar'}"; mkdir ./"$dir"; unrar e "$z" "$dir"; done