Octave is a programming environment that makes it easier to prototype machine learning algorithms. The open-source software is free to download making it a nice alternative to MatLab. This is not meant to replace your production-ready Java, Python or C++, it's simply designed to help you test out your idea or intuition without having to write lots of code.

If you'd prefer to just download the app instead of using Homebrew, download Octave here.

Step 1: Install Homebrew

If you do not have Homebrew installed, then read this article first.

Step 2: Install Octave

brew install octave
Install Octave using Homebrew

Step 3: Open Octave

Open Octave app within Terminal


You're ready to start!


If Terminal complains about not having a formula for Octave, try this.

brew tap --repair

Then upgrade

brew update && brew upgrade