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WordPress API development with Postman or PAW

The Wordpress API works well. Once you figure out how to send a REST request, you'll be jamming in no time. Below are a few lessons I've learned along the way on how to streamline the development cycle. Tips Tip 1: Pick an API tool Although ```curl`` is a fantastic

Using an ORM with NodeJS

I've written a lot about building REST API's and a few of my favorite include Rails-only API, ExpressJS, Amazon Lambda, and SailsJS. This article is going to focus on something slightly different –but still interconnected, Object Relational Models. Although it's good practice to learn how to write SQL statements, at

Basic Curl Commands for API Gateway

AWS's API Gateway is great for developers who need a simple API for their SaaS Services. When it comes to testing out your API, there are many great tools such as POSTMAN or PAW but sometimes all you really need is a few curl commands These are the three commands

Charging SaaS customers using AWS API Gateway

Keys are used to provide access to specific locks. Before we can talk about keys, let's make sure we know how to create a lock using AWS API Gateway. My earlier tutorial will show you how to create a lock using CORS and Headers. API Keys API Keys are used

AWS: Providing CORS access to your API Gateway

Not all gateways are meant to be public. Therefore, if you want to share limited API access with the world, one way to do it is through Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and API Keys. This is the first of a two-part entry dedicated to creating closed API access using AWS

Installing Elixir and Phoenix on a Mac

If you're a Rubyist and you're interested in building large-scale applications, Elixir is a very good alternative. It feels like Ruby but is structured like Erlang. I'm currently researching Elixer for an upcoming project so here are my notes on how to install it for Mac. Step 1 - Homebrew

AWS: Install a Node app on AWS

I normally use Heroku or Openshift to publish apps but AWS works too. Here's a cheatsheet on how to set-up your NodeJS server from scratch on AWS. This cheatsheet will focus on the development environment and not dive into making a node app. Create an EC2 Server Step 1 -

Create a Base64 image in one click

I recently discovered this incredible tool from Arbitrary.io to help you instantly encode images to Data URI's. If you ever need to encode an image, an SVG or a file, all you have to do is right-click it and you're done. Why Data URI's? So far, I've found Data

Map API's

Geographic information system (GIS) is the umbrella for cartography, geo, and anything dealing with the science of location. Although you might be asking, Cartography Google Maps Apple Maps Mapbox CartoDB ArcGIS Geo coding Google Maps Mapbox LocationIQ ArcGIS CartoDB FourSquare Mapquest Imposm.geocoder Opencage Geocoder 61 other geo locators Custom