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Free MIDI resources for iOS development (Part 6)

I'm currently working on an instrument app and one of my goals is to integrate MIDI using AudioKit. Here are a list of resources I found helpful. I plan to write a few more blog entries explaining how I used these resources but in the meantime, I hope this list can help save people time.

MIDI Tracks

Free MIDI Performances

Commercial MIDI Tracks

MIDI Sounds


Tools for Devs

Testing SoundFonts

  • Buzzwood MIDI Test Page has a suite of MIDI tests you can use to determine if you have a strange sounding instrument in your SoundFont files.

SoundFont Compression / Decompression

sfArk is a tool that compresses SoundFonts. Think .ZIP file for sounds. It was created by a now defunct company called Melody Machine but you can still gain access to their tool via Github

Intellectual Property Law

Business to Business

Web Audio API

Although I'm currently working on an iPhone app, I found these Javascript examples to be useful.