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Javascript closures

There are many good reasons to use a closure but I often forget it's syntax. Below are a few common use cases and examples. Counting... Read More

A simple, jQuery-based Ajax tool

This is a generic AJAX class that can be reused throughout your app. I normally place this within a single file like com.chrisjmendez.AjaxRequest.... Read More

How to install SailsJS

Dev Environment Install SailsJS npm install sailsjs Install Chrome Postman Content-Type application/json Quickly get started Create a new sails app. sails name_of_app... Read More

ArcGIS + ESRI + jQuery

This demo shows you how to use a ArcGIS map and ESRI data using jQuery. At this point, it's probably best to learn the DOJO... Read More

Javascript Outbound Link Tracker

Scripts used to record whenever users click an external link. New Google Analytics gtag Tracker <script src=" Read More