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Finance: Calculating Annuities using ES6

Annuities are cool. They're fixed payments over a period of time. If you're living in England, there's another financial product called a consol that is an annuity that pays out in perpetuity. Amazing. Below are simplified examples of how to calculate present value and future value for annuities. I wasn't

Statistics: Calculating Probabilities using ES6

Suppose you wanted to calculate the percentage of men that weigh inbetween 140 and 170 lbs. This is possible if you carry a few data points such as the average weight of men (mean), the standard deviation, and the specific weight you want to measure (data point). Step 0 -

Finance: College Fund and Loan Amount Estimator using Es6

Similar to my previous article, here are some formulas that can help you estimate how much you need to save for your kid's college tuition or what your monthly mortgage payment will look like if you buy that house. Loans class Loan { payments(PV, IR, NP){ var PMT = (PV * IR)