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Create a File Downloader using NodeJS

I wanted to download 100 files but I did not want to do it manually so I created a simple script instead. var files = [ "", "", "

Design tools to make a geo-based music app

Some of these design resources are free, some of them are not but it should be enough of a starting point to help you with your project. UIX Resources http:

A simple, jQuery-based Ajax tool

This is a generic AJAX class that can be reused throughout your app. I normally place this within a single file like com.chrisjmendez.AjaxRequest.js, load the script and boom, start making requests. /** * Ajax Request * @author @chrismendezinla * */ var AjaxRequest = { start: function( xhrInstance ){ }, error: function ( xhrInstance, message, optional ){ }, complete: function

How to install SailsJS

Dev Environment Install SailsJS npm install sailsjs Install Chrome Postman Content-Type application/json Quickly get started Create a new sails app. sails name_of_app Create new sails using JADE sails new name_of_app --template=jade Fire up web server sails lift Create a model User. You can use

ArcGIS + ESRI + jQuery

This demo shows you how to use a ArcGIS map and ESRI data using jQuery. At this point, it's probably best to learn the DOJO framework but if you you only need to add a simple market on a map, jQuery will perform just fine. $(function() { var map, locator, zip,

How to create an iOS app using Phonegap

Tools NodeJS + NPM Apple Developer Account xCode You will need a few raw materials to make this all work. This includes: Sencha command Line Sencha Touch PhoneGap command line (Adobe's implementation of Cordova) Cordova command line (Open Source Codebase) Setup Both PhoneGap and Cordova are dependent on NodeJS and Node

Javascript Outbound Link Tracker

Scripts used to record whenever users click an external link. New Google Analytics gtag Tracker <script src=""></script> <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript"> $(document)

How to create an Apache Cordova App

Common @ApacheCordova commands Build a project /path/to/my_new_cordova_project/cordova/debug Launch emulator /path/to/my_new_cordova_project/cordova/emulate Start Logging /path/to/my_new_cordova_project/cordova/log PhoneGap iOS Simulator The PhoneGap team offers an easy to launch Apple's iOS simulator by: Download

AWS: EC2 + NodeJS + Forever

I have a few ExpressJS applications that use Forever to keep things always moving. The scripts below are what I use invoke the servers. Start Create a my-app/start file. #!/bin/bash # Invoke the Forever module (to START our Node.js server). ./node_modules/forever/bin/forever \ start \ -al forever.

Tools for making ePub 3 books

Boilerplate Boilerplate Code CSS Starter Kit UUID Generator Metadata BISAC Subject Headings list MARC Code List for Relators Practical ePub metadata: Authorship Epub samples Epub O'Reiley Compatibility / Validators Device Compatibility Epub check Epub validator tomaxxiLINKrename Scripts ePub Check Unzip ePub Tomaxxi Free books, videos, etc. What is EPUB 3? HTML5
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