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Measuring listening behavior using Google Tag Manager

While redesigning Classical KUSC, one of our primary objectives was to improve how we measure radio listening online. Precisely, how do we measure listening behavior across our website, iPhone, Android, and Apple TV app using a single system such as Google Analytics. As of now, the answer is through Google

Tools for App Makers

In order to build websites, apps or API's, every developer ultimately ends up curating a suite of tools that can help them build products better, cheaper and faster. Below are a few tools that I use all the time. API Development Postman - Google Chrome plug-in that helps you craft

How to record which users are leaving your site on Google Analytics

As a website (or app manager), I oftentimes ask myself this question, "How many users are we sending to our external partner sites? Also, how many are we sending on a monthly basis?" Google Tag Manager can certainly help you answer this question but oftentimes, the tool is