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Sitar: Learning Indian Solfege (sargam)

Western music uses a technique called solfege for sight-seeing and ear training. I'm sure at some point in time, you've heard people sing out Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do. Indian music uses a solfege-like system called sargam. Similar to Solfege, sargam uses 7 notes (called swaras) to

Anatomy of a Sitar for Guitarists

This diagram shows you the anatomy of the sitar. The diagram is really for reference but there are a few things worth mentioning. The Base The entire base of the sitar is called tumba. You rest the tumba on the base of your foot. The Strings The sitar has two

A guitarist's journey learning Sitar

I love guitar. I've always loved guitar and especially Flamenco guitar. I started tinkering with the instrument in 1995 but when I discovered the On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA) in 1996, I really began to take things seriously. By 1998, was formally studying Flamenco guitar which led me to pursue a