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Git: How to save to two Git repos

I have git repo living on Amazon CodeCommit but I want to save backups on Github or Bitbucket. Here's how: Step 0 - Change Directory First change directories to the git repo on your local drive. cd /path/to/git/repo/ Step 1 - Add Bitbucket as a remote backup

Recursively Remove .DS_Store

This happens to me all the time. I forget to add a .gitignore to my git repo and then I start creating a bunch of folders for my project. A few clicks later, I'm suddenly inundated with a bunch of hidden .DS_Store files. Here's the command to get rid

AWS: Working with CodeCommit

Elastic Beanstalk is a one-stop shop for Ruby on Rails developers to publish their apps. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to first commit your app to AWS CodeCommit so that you can then publish over to EB. There are a lot of steps so here's a high-level overview:

Git: Backing Up Your Repo

I'm working on a project that is quickly becoming so large I feel the need to back it up. Although I trust Github with all of my work, I'd hate to not have a backup incase something goes wrong. For this reason, I use Bitbucket as a backup. Bitbucket is

Git: How to publish your existing app to Github

If you have an existing web app you want to publish to Github, here's how. Step 1 Create a new Github Repo. Step 2 Change Directory into your rails app cd /path/to/rails_app Initialize Git. git init Check your status. git status Add files to a Git repo.

Git: Using Tags to mark milestones

Tags are useful for recording milestones in your code. It's a stable point in your code. List Tags git tag Create Tags Create a Basic Tag git tag name_of_tag Annotated Tag Leave an optional message or annotation with the tag. git tag -a name_of_annotated_tag Verified

Fixing Git Mistakes

There are a few different ways to fix your mistakes on git and Github so this is not a comprehensive list. This is simply the list of commands I use regularly. Understanding Pointers This is the best explanation of Git EVER. Source Soft vs Hard Reset Use --soft if you

Heroku: How to Publish an Existing Rails App

With Rails 5, the deployment process to Heroku has gotten even easier. Here are the steps to publishing a new Heroku app without using a one-click install. STEP 1 - Create Rails App Make sure you have a Rails 5 app that uses a postgresql database. rails _5.0.0_

Heroku: Working with Git and Github

Heroku uses Git for version control and collaborative coding. Below are a few helpful commands plus a better process for app development. Review remote Review where you are hosting remote repos git remote git remote -v Publish to Heroku Publish to Heroku's master branch. git push heroku master Revert the

Tools for App Makers

In order to build websites, apps or API's, every developer ultimately ends up curating a suite of tools that can help them build products better, cheaper and faster. Below are a few tools that I use all the time. API Development Postman - Google Chrome plug-in that helps you craft