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Radio: From WAV to FLAC with ID3 using Echoprint

I'm currently learning about different ways to do music fingerprinting. In this article, I'm simply identifying how to do it using Echoprint. Here's how I did it. I used Ruby Rake to run command line scripts. You can certainly type these commands inside of Terminal but this method allows me

Tools for App Makers

In order to build websites, apps or API's, every developer ultimately ends up curating a suite of tools that can help them build products better, cheaper and faster. Below are a few tools that I use all the time. API Development Postman - Google Chrome plug-in that helps you craft

Install Let's Encrypt SSL on Wordpress Lightsail or EC2 by Bitnami

We are going to use Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority to create and install a free SSL certificate. Step 1 - Log In ssh -i /path/to/file.pem Step 2 - Install Git Update your package manager. sudo apt-get update Install Git. sudo apt-get install

Testing web app performance with Apache Benchmark

There's a great tool for benchmarking your Wordpress, NodeJS, Rails app that's already built into Mac OSX. It's Apache Benchmark and it's super easy to use. Creating a Test Getting started couldn't be easier. All you need to do is open Terminal and run ab. For example, this command allows

Radio: Backing up your Vinyl to the Cloud

This is part 1 of a multi-part series on how to back up your vinyl to the cloud. I've tried my best to document the process but feel free to share any feedback you might have within the comments section. Side Note: You will notice that there are many different

Install MongoDB, MySQL, and Postgres using Homebrew

Step 0 - Install homebrew Homebrew is a package manager that simplifies all database installs and management on a Mac. => Learn more on how to install Homebrew <= Install Services MySQL Install service. # This will precisely install MySQL version 5.6 brew install mysql56 Start service. brew services start

Running S3 on your local computer

Lately, I've been experimenting with AWS S3, EC2, and Lambda and the process is pretty great. That said, I don't feel comfortable wasting compute time by spinning up an S3 bucket or EC2 instance when I can first write my code on a local machine. Plus, the second benefit is

Install GoDaddy SSL on AWS Lightsail or EC2 by Bitnami

There are many tutorials on how to install SSL certificates using a AWS Bitnami but I wanted to purchase an SSL cert from GoDaddy and install things manually. Here's how. This is Part 2 of Installing a secure WordPress blog on AWS EC2 using Bitnami. Step 0 - Getting Started

Install GoDaddy SSL on Red Hat Openshift

Deprecated Openshift v2.0 has now reached End of Life and will be replaced by v3.0. Red Hat Openshift makes it really easy to install both SSL and use a custom domain. The first step is to upgrade your Openshift to Bronze so that you can gain access to

How to install ASP.NET on Mac OSX

Why? I know, I never thought the day would come where I would need to give ASP.NET a try but hey, it's 2016 and times have changed. More importantly, Microsoft has changed. Steps It's not hard at all to get started thanks to Homebrew and Node Package Manager 1: