NickJS is a Javascript wrapper for headless browsing. If you still have scripts written for PhantomJS or CasperJS, NickJS is your best tool moving forward. As a stand-alone product, NickJS is also a pretty good simple web scraper.

Step 1 - Add an environmental variable to your ~/.bash_profile.

export CHROME_PATH="/Applications/Google Chrome"
Include this in your environmental variables.

Step 2 - Create a Simple Scraper

This little script will collect title, URL and description from this website's homepage. What's unique to understand is that you can actually inject jQuery into a website for DOM manipulation.

const Nick = require("nickjs");
const nick = new Nick();

(async () => {
    // Step 1: Do an action
    const tab = await nick.newTab()
    // Step 2: Wait for the action to have an effect
    await tab.untilVisible(".main-content-area") // Make sure we have loaded the page
    // Step 3: Use jQuery to scrape
	await tab.inject("")
	const myLinks = await tab.evaluate( (arg, callback) => {
		// Here we're in the page context. It's like being in your browser's inspector tool
		const data = [];
		$(".content-area-wrap article").each((index, element) => {
				title: $.trim( $(element).find(".title").text() ),
				url:   $(element).find(".title a").attr("href"),
				desciption: $.trim( $(element).find(".post-content").text() )
		callback(null, data);
	//console.log(JSON.stringify(myLinks, null, 2))
    .then( () => {
        console.log("Job done!")
    .catch( (err) => {
        console.log(`Something went wrong: ${err}`)
Scraping for Title, HREF and Description.