5 Experiences that Lead to Promotion


While taking a leadership class at USC Marshall School of Business, my professor took a few minutes to discuss five experiences that lead to promotions. This information comes from 88 development opportunties most correlated with radpid improvement.

Scratch Opportunity

Description: You start from scratch, you run it, you hand it off.

What people will say about you: You can start something new and outlast you.


Description: You start something, run it (on schedule) and shut it down on time. Often seen within industries such as Event Planning and Finance.

What people say about you: "You're a finisher. You put integrity ahead of you. You're a closer. "

Fix It

Description: You take something that's broken and make sure it gets fixed.

What people say about you: "You're action-oriented, you can get the trust of people. You can fix it."


Description: Someone gives you a project that you can grow, or you were on a losing side of a re-org.

What people say about you: "You can handle big increases. That person is emotionally resilient."

Line & Staff

Description: You can lead from influence.

What people say about you: "Line: You can lead from authority. Staff: You can lead from influence."