When a friend recently asked me what I look for in a music website, I instantly responded with, "How it is better then PitchforkMedia.com or Stereogum.com?" I know the answer is vague, and well, with that in mind, I've decided to both answer his question as well as give props to USC Annenberg professor @ABHollingshead for her handy dandy guide.

Website Audit

  • Context: How appealing is the layout and design? Does the site have a contemporary look and feel? Is it easy to navigate?
  • Content: Is the content attention-grabbing, informative, etc. (text, pictures, sounds, video, etc.)
  • Customization: Can the website be tailored to different users?
  • Communication: Does the site support Site--user; user--site communication?
  • Connection: Is the website linked to other relevant websites for the brand?
  • Commerce: Does the site support sales?
  • Change: Does the content change regularly (so people will return)?
  • Community: Does the website support user-user communication? User-social networking sites?
  • Contagion: Can users send content/links to other users (aka viral marketing)?
  • Engagement/Fun: Is the website an engaging place to spend time?

Social Media Audit

  • Does the brand have a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, mobile app?
  • How many followers and retweets on Twitter?
  • How many fans on Facebook?