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AWS: Using Rake Tasks to SSH into EC2

I work a lot with EC2 and one thing I always have to Google is how to SSH into an AMI, Ubuntu, Fedora, or CentOS instance. Part of the challenge is that the usernames slightly differ so I wrote this Rakefile to help me remember how to complete simple tasks.

AWS: Managing AWS Command Line with Jake Tasks

The AWS Command Line is awesome. The commands are descriptive, well organized and oftentimes easier to use than any of the dashboard consoles. If you're looking or a simple NodeJS tool to help you to script and automate commands, try JakeJS. JakeJS is a task management tool similar to Grunt

Radio: From WAV to FLAC with ID3 using Echoprint

I'm currently learning about different ways to do music fingerprinting. In this article, I'm simply identifying how to do it using Echoprint. Here's how I did it. I used Ruby Rake to run command line scripts. You can certainly type these commands inside of Terminal but this method allows me

Using Jenkins to Trigger Rake Tasks

This tutorial will show you how to install Jenkins on Linux Debian using VirtualBox and Vagrant. After you've installed Jenkins server, make sure you have both ruby and rake installed by typing: Step 0 - Install Ruby and Rake which ruby which rake Step 1 - Install Rake plugin Once

Rails: Rake Tasks

Tasks help you create a repeatable set of scripts. Read more on my favorite tasks I've created over the years.