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How to install Ghost Blog on your local computer

!!! DEPRECATED !!! This article was designed for older versions of Ghost such as Ghost 0.11.1. If you are planning to install the latest version of Ghost, read this article. The Ghost Blogging Platform is excellent. It's 100x's simpler than Wordpress and for most bloggers, all you really need. In

Install MongoDB, MySQL, and Postgres using Homebrew

Step 0 - Install homebrew Homebrew is a package manager that simplifies all database installs and management on a Mac. => Learn more on how to install Homebrew <= Install Services MySQL Install service. # This will precisely install MySQL version 5.6 brew install mysql56 Start service. brew services start

Install Ruby using Brew or Github

This article is for developers interested in installing two different versions of Ruby on their system. Method 1 We'll use brew package manager to help you install rbenv. rbenv is what you will use to install ruby. Step 1 Remove existing version of rbenv rm -rf ~/.rbenv Step 2 Uninstall

How to install ASP.NET on Mac OSX

Why? I know, I never thought the day would come where I would need to give ASP.NET a try but hey, it's 2016 and times have changed. More importantly, Microsoft has changed. Steps It's not hard at all to get started thanks to Homebrew and Node Package Manager 1:

Installing Homebrew on Mac OS X

The simplest way to install various Unix tools and open source projects onto Mac is via a package manager. Unfortunately, Mac doesn't offer one by default so we'll use Homebrew. Step 1 - xCode command line tools Install Mac OS X command line tools so that you can then install