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AWS: Using the command line to get an EC2 instance ID

Here are three ways to get the instance ID of an EC2 server using the command line. Built-in If you are logged into an Ubuntu machine. ec2metadata --instance-id Curl curl command using an IP address. curl curl command simplified. curl http://instance-data/

Bitnami WordPress Cheatsheet for AWS Lightsail

I'm currently working on two WordPress websites that have been pre-configured by Bitnami within a Virtual Private Cloud. Below are a few select commands I use all the time but only found them while scouring through forums and comment boxes. I hope this collection helps other WordPress managers save time.

AWS: Modifying Robots.txt within a Bitnami EC2 instance

Bitnami offers Wordpress for AWS Cloud which is great for developers whom are not interested in focusing on DevOps topics such as installing php, Apache and Wordpress. The Bitnami package does it all but there are a few things you'll need to modify including robots.txt files. In this blog

AWS: Anatomy of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Virtual Private Cloud is a full data center within the AWS cloud. Amazon now makes it possible for you to rent a piece of the AWS infrastructure to build and manage your own ecosystem. You have full control of your servers, storage and networking. Within this ecosystem, you can create

Bash: EC2 Script

This script is designed for AWS EC2 manager interested in installing an apache server, then copying web page files from an AWS S3 bucket to Apache's web directory. #!/bin/bash # Install Apache using yum package manager yum install httpd -y # Update yum yum update -y # Copy files from AWS S3

Install Let's Encrypt SSL on Wordpress Lightsail or EC2 by Bitnami

We are going to use Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority to create and install a free SSL certificate. Step 1 - Log In ssh -i /path/to/file.pem Step 2 - Install Git Update your package manager. sudo apt-get update Install Git. sudo apt-get install

AWS: Create a simple EC2 web server

This entry is intended to show how to create an EC2 instance from within a Virtual Private Network. What is a VPC? Virtual Private Cloud is a full data center in AWS. What this means is that you have control of the servers, storage and networking. AWS VPS allows you

Installing WordPress on EC2 using Bitnami package

I've spent many years installing and configuring WordPress blogs on EC2, and here's generally how things start. Manual Install First download these tools: # Apache2 => httpd # PHP => php # MySQL Ext => php-mysql # MySQL => mysql-server # SSL Module => mod_ssl # OpenSSL => openssl Log in as Super User sudo