1. Download and Install Acquia Dev Desktop.. It's like MAMP/WAMP but for Drupal (DAMP).

  2. Download Commerce Kickstart (includes Drupal)

  3. Unpack your commerce_kickstart-7.x-x.x.tar.gz (or .zip) file and place the folder in ~/Documents/name_of_website

  4. Open Acquia Dev Desktop and configure "Import Site"
    Browse to: "Settings" => "Sites" => "Import" => ~/Documents/name_of_website

  5. Select Database
    Select: "Create new database"

  6. Fill in the field "New DB name"
    New DB name: name_of_website

  7. Update "Domain" => "Server"
    Server: name_of_website

  8. Select "Import"

  9. Install!

  10. Install a Drupal Theme