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Design tools to make a geo-based music app

Some of these design resources are free, some of them are not but it should be enough of a starting point to help you with your project. UIX Resources http:

ArcGIS + ESRI + jQuery

This demo shows you how to use a ArcGIS map and ESRI data using jQuery. At this point, it's probably best to learn the DOJO framework but if you you only need to add a simple market on a map, jQuery will perform just fine. $(function() { var map, locator, zip,

Mapping county, city and venue data using ArcGIS + ESRI

This single-page web app shows you how to publish a map using ArcGIS for mapping, ESRI for publishable data, and a JSON file for custom data. I took it one step further and even drew out vector graphics using the DOJO graphics engine. Example The hardest part of this demo

NodeJS: Return Elevation from Google Maps API

Here's how to use Google Maps API to get the elevation of a specific location. /** Use Google maps API to return the elevation of a given [ lat, lng ] **/ var http = require("http"), sys = require("util"); //Google provides the elevation of a given latitude + longitude function getElevation(

How to Convert Latitude and Longitude into a String Using Geohash

I use Geohash all the time to store latitude and longitude inside a MySQL or SQLite database. If I'm using Postgres, Couch, or MongoDB, latitude, and longitude are first-class citizens, but I can't always use those databases. Example Here's a simple app example that theoretically publishes a geohash to a
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