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Answering life's questions through research

Most of life's questions can be explained using one of these six methodologies: Case studies: Focus groupsInterviewsSurveysExperiments (Independent Research)Behavioral Tracking / Monitoring

Digital music: production, distribution, and consumption

I like this quote because it helps me understand the trade-off music will experience as it transitions from an analog medium to a digital one. It could be argued, then, that as the formats music is stored on become less material and increasingly stripped of visual dimensions (album covers, reproduction

Digital theory: Theorizing New Media

I'm reading a few books on new media, including Digital Theory [1], and I thought these quotes were interesting. In Western cultures, people used products to help construct their identity. In a New Media world, people now pick and choose the information they prefer to share in building their self-image.

The role of a product owner

Writer Jonathan Swift observed, "Vision is the art of seeing things invisible." The product owner is a visionary who can envision the final product and communicate the vision. The product owner is also a doer who sees the vision through to completion. This includes describing requirements, closely collaborating

Everything is a Remix

"Dazed and Confused", "Stairway to Heaven", "Bring it on Home" might not be as original as you think.

Don't start from scratch

My thesis advisor gave me this and I really took it to heart. I guess what I love about this quote is that it can be applied to a lot of different context including technology, communication, information, etc. You don't want to start from scratch. You want to find, borrow,

The challenge with digital music today

This quote is fantastic. It keeps me thinking that in the old days, pre Internet, the obstacle every music listener faced did not have enough money to purchase all the music they wanted to listen to. Now that everything is abundantly available online, the new challenge is no longer money

On being a DJ

A few of my favorite quotes on being a DJ. Focus Focusing on doing one thing 100%. Too many ideas confuse people. – DJ Nu-Mark (2004)* Service [A DJ is about] Serving a public and bringing joy and happiness to an audience. – Grand Master Flash (YouTube)* Process The record means much