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Writing Raspberry Pi to an SD card on OS X

Step 0 - Download Raspbian OS The first thing we need to do is download Raspbian OS. Once the disk image has been loaded, we'll want to open up Applications/Utilities/Terminal Step 1 Before adding your SD card, first take notice of which disk volumes are mounted. df -h

Basic blinking LED on Raspberry Pi

Here's a simple python script for Raspberry Pi. Step 1 - Install sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-dev sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio Step 2 - Python Script This is the python script you will run. #!/usr/env python import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time bcm = 25 board

Turning Raspberry Pi into a web server

I've been tinkering with Raspberry Pi for two years and it's pretty remarkable what you can build with a $35US computer. Aside from being able to create apps using bash, pearl, python, or even javascript. What I also like to include in my Raspberry Pi device is a web server.

Creating a QR reader using Processing

This entry will show you how to create a QR reader using a live webcam feed. Install Processing Option 1: Manual Download Processing 2.2.1 Disk Image Option 2: Homebrew brew cask install processing 2.2.1 Install libraries You will need to install these libraries. OpenCV for Processing

Raspberry Pi Modules

Here's how to get Raspberry Pi and Arduino to talk to each other. General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) Control the GPIO pins on Rasberry PI using Python sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio Font Inconsolata Improve the user experience of your Arduino editor by installing Inconsolata sudo apt-get

How to download Raspberry Pi on an SD card from a Mac

Writing an SD card from OS X Step 1 You can figure out the name of your blank SD Card by first inserting the disk and running this command. df -h This will give you a path to the SD card. In my example (below) 2 means disk and s1

Reading RFID with Raspberry Pi

Step 1 Install Serial lib sudo apt-get install python serial Step 2 Find the RFID reader within Raspberry Pi ls /dev/tty* import time import serial delay = 0 port = 2400 tag_death = "440033886D" serial = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', port, timeout=1) def check(): #The tag is a