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How to tell git to ignore a specific file

I'm currently building a boilerplate Rails 5 project that will allow me to fork and build mid-sized apps quickly and consistently. I'm currently using dotenv-rails with a generic .env file. The catch is that every time I modify .env for my local project, I do not want to accidentally submit

Github Basics using Command Line

My web designer often needs helps working with Git. Here's what I usually tell him. Set-up Git Create a new git repository git init Establish git username and password git config 'your user name' git config 'your e-mail' Review the changes you've made. git status Add

Git: Creating a Branch during Agile Sprints

Here's a tip for new developers learning how to use Git for short sprints. The first step is to create a branch. Step 1 - List Branches List all of your existing branches. git branch Step 2 - Create a New Branch Add a new feature by branching code. git

Managing Git on Openshift

Deprecated Openshift v2.0 has now reached End of Life and will be replaced by v3.0. Openshift comes with Git and the tools are pretty easy to use. Here are a few key commands I use whenever I need to rollback a deployment or simply check the health of

Install Ruby using Brew or Github

This article is for developers interested in installing two different versions of Ruby on their system. Method 1 We'll use brew package manager to help you install rbenv. rbenv is what you will use to install ruby. Step 1 Remove existing version of rbenv rm -rf ~/.rbenv Step 2 Uninstall