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Radio: From WAV to FLAC with ID3 using Echoprint

I'm currently learning about different ways to do music fingerprinting. In this article, I'm simply identifying how to do it using Echoprint. Here's how I did it. I used Ruby Rake to run command line scripts. You can certainly type these commands inside of Terminal but this method allows me

Interesting Music Projects

Here are a list of interesting music projects. Classifiers and Curators Music Map is attempting to create a database that organizes music into emotional categories. Geocaching Track Dropper is a geo caching game that is really novel. Social Listening &chill is an interesting idea. Blockchain A lot of companies

Radio: Backing up your Vinyl to the Cloud

This is part 1 of a multi-part series on how to back up your vinyl to the cloud. I've tried my best to document the process but feel free to share any feedback you might have within the comments section. Side Note: You will notice that there are many different

Content + Content Format + Codec

For new developers interested in audio, the world of compression algorithms, codecs and content formats is somewhat confusing. For this reason, I've decided to create an article that will help frame how it all works and comes together. For starters, let's go over the differences between story, data, and data

Audio Apps for iOS

I've been doing some research on creating audio apps for iOS and it's taken me down into the complex world of audio frameworks. Apparently there are four frameworks you can use to play and record audio including: System Sound Services (C API) AVFoundation (Objective C API) Audio Queue Services (C

Installing Adobe Media Server on EC2

Adobe Media Server 5.0 offers media publishers some new ways to deliver on-demand video and music to iOS devices through Apple's HTTP Live Streaming. This means that using AMS 5.0, you can publish Adobe HDS live, Apple HLS live, Adobe HDS on-demand with just-in-time packaging, and Apple HLS

Distributing Music and Video Over the Web

There are a lot of ways to distribute music and video over the web, and it's often difficult to figure out which features (and service plans) are essential for you too, the content publisher, to consider. This confusion often content managers to make a choice based on brand or perception

Cloud-Based Radio Using Adobe Media Server

Adobe Flash may be dead, but Adobe Media Server carries a lot of compelling features. This entry aims to identify a few of those essential features so that you can use this information while shopping for a better solution. The Challenge of Cloud-Based Radio Here's a quote from Apple's documentation.