Whenever I see articles that question the value of a college degree [1][2], I often wish the writer could reference this graphic instead.

value of college

Information + More

College provides more than just a better paying job at the end of the year. If you, the student, are entirely focused on going to school to get a higher paying job, then you're missing the point.

College is more than just acquiring information. It's an entire ecosystem of tangible and intangible services that can help you learn how to chart out your professional career. For example, if you're not sure what you want to do after high school, college is a unique path towards exploring your options.

Beyond just information, the college provides curation. Curation is super helpful in giving you what you need in the most efficient way possible. I mean, why spend ten years in an office learning how to write software when you can learn it in school in less than 4?

Just a thought.