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Javascript closures

There are many good reasons to use a closure but I often forget it's syntax. Below are a few common use cases and examples.

Counting Numbers

This solution is really great for keeping a single score within a game or maybe a timer.

var add = (function () {  
    var counter = 0;
    return function () {return counter += 1;}
add(); // 1  
add(); // 2  

Concatenating Strings

This method will accept a name parameter, concatenate it and return a greeting.

function sayHello2(name) {  
  //A. Create a message
  var text = "Hello " + name;
  //B. This function will print the message.
  var salutation = function() { console.log(text); }
  return salutation;
var greetPatron = sayHello2("Bob");  
greetPatron(); // "Hello Bob"  


If you're looking for a Javascript library that can help you keep your code looking pretty, I really like the Lodash utility ._spread.

var data = [{ id: 1, name: "Chris"}, { id: 2, name: "Bob" }];  
var newObj = { id: 3, name: "Charles" };  
var save = _.spread(function(obj){ return data.push(obj) });